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Andrew was born and raised in California’s Silicon Valley, where he grew up being surrounded by passionate innovators—and what he identified early on as an unhealthy obsession with venture capital. When he discovered licensing, it was like a light bulb went off. “Everyone gets excited about raising money,” he said. “But licensing is so much more attractive to the vast majority when you break down it’s benefits!”

For one, there’s so much less financial risk—and yet still so much opportunity. Being able to utilize an existing companies money, workforce and distribution is the ultimate business model he thought. He got excited about teaching inventors how to harness the power of open innovation and continues to be as excited, if not more, today than decades ago when he got his start.

As the Co-Founder and the day-to-day manager of inventRight’s operations, Andrew has seen it all—and coached inventors through it.
“At this point, our students have experienced every scenario you can possibly imagine,” he said. “Whether it’s communicating with a company that has never licensed an idea from an outside inventor before or signing a multi-million dollar deal, we’ve done it.” He continues to be inspired by the opportunity to work with people who are not only passionate about their ideas, but also committed to making money from them.

Andrew was inventRight’s first coach. He proved that you could take a green inventor and turn them into a pro. Now he manages nine coaches and a negotiation coach to help students around the world live their dream of licensing their products and seeing them on store shelves.

He began coaching inventors over 23 years ago as the President of the Inventors’ Alliance group in the San Francisco Bay Area. Back then Andrew grew Inventors’ Alliance into one of the most active and well-established associations in the inventors’ community across the country. His expertise in the field of innovation was federally recognized when he was asked to advise a presidents council on what changes could be made to the United States Patent and Trademark Office to better serve independent inventors. He has also been featured on National Public Radio’s Science Friday and as a licensing expert at USPTO conferences.

Over the last 19 years, Andrew and his business partner Stephen Key have grown inventRight into a business that has had students in over 60 countries. InventRight students are actively engaged in taking action with their ideas to get them licensed. InventRight goes beyond the old patents and prototypes trap inventors find themselves in and into the real world of licensing their ideas to big companies that can bring their products to market.

Many years ago, spurred by the feeling that the Bay Area was getting just a little too crowded, Andrew moved to Henderson, Nevada with his wife, where they are raising their daughter.

“At inventRight, every day someone tells us how much we’ve helped them, and that means the world to me.”



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Here are are just a few of the successful Inventors and companies Andrew has hosted over his many years of helping inventors through Inventors Alliance.

George Coakley – Strategic Marketing Consultant
Coakley-Heagerty financed, promoted, and assisted in the marketing of the legendary "Pet Rock" gift product in 1975. It was judged by Life Magazine as one of the top ten merchandising ideas of the 70's.
David Kappos – Director  of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
Colin Roche – Inventor of the Pen Again
Colin and his company were featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal with a full page color spread (which is unheard of).
Chuck Taylor – Inventor And VP of Product Development and Design for The Sharper Image
Chuck registered dozens of patents (with The Sharper Image as the assignee) during 15 years at the lab, before retiring to Florida to spend time on his sailboat, aptly named Ironic Breeze.
David Small – Founder of STM(Shoot The Moon). An Invention Company Founded In 1991
Over $1 Billion in sales. Over 100 licensed products. David Small knows how to bring ideas to market! He licensed ideas to mega giants such as Fisher-Price, Mattel, Hasbro, Kinex, Wham-o and others.
Todd Basche – Founder of Wordlock, Inc.
Todd has taken his Wordlock idea and now has his product in 12,000 stores around the world.
Alan Adler – Inventor of Aerobie
His Aerobie Pro flying ring holds the world record for the farthest thrown object.
Warren Tuttle – Successful Inventor Responsible For Bring SmartSpin (Top Selling Infomercial Product of 2005) to market.
David Pressman – Patent Attorney and Author Of The Best Selling Book “Patent It Yourself”.
Several QVC and Home Shopping Network agents have shared how get your new product ideas on QVC and HSN TV shopping channels over the years.

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