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Our Approach to Licensing Increases Your Chances of Success!

Our Proven Ten-Step System Helps You to Become a True Professional Inventor


Save money and protect your ideas by creating intellectual property that truly has value


Create powerful, compelling marketing material, and present it to companies looking for ideas


Reach out to companies and conduct yourself professionally by building long-term relationships


Negotiate a fair and balanced licensing agreement

Learn How to be a Product Licensing Expert

Licensing is the fastest way to commercialize your product idea. Our approach to product licensing increases your chances of success!

We have over 20 years of experience teaching independent inventors and entrepreneurs how to license their product ideas for royalties. The goal of our coaching program is to teach you how to get the highest possible royalty rate by achieving the best licensing agreement possible, not just on one product, but over and over again for every idea you may have.

You will learn how to leverage a licensing deal using a provisional patent application (PPA). We’ll give you the tools to file one without the need for an attorney. If you already have a patent, fantastic — we’ll show you how to negotiate with it. If you are currently selling your product independently, we will show you how to convert that interest from the marketplace into interest from a large company.

You will also learn ways you can help your licensee sell more product by getting national exposure for your invention.

As Well As:

• Access to the most comprehensive product licensing
strategies and procedures in the world.

• Access to our database of over 2500 companies looking for ideas.

New to the Program: Learn Directly from Open Innovation Companies!

Bridging the Gap - Connecting You with Companies Looking for Ideas

This new addition to our Professional Inventor Coaching Program helps to give you access to CEO’s, managers, and other employees within companies that look for ideas. The format is pretty straight forward - inventRight students jump on a group Zoom call with representatives from an open innovation company. They will then share with you what they are looking for in the way of new products!

This new part of our program gives you the chance to meet with and learn from these key players, which would normally take a lot of time and effort to build the kind of relationship that will lead to this opportunity. We’ve saved you that time by forming these relationships for you and bringing these companies into contact with independent inventors like yourself.

Regular Zoom meetings give you access to insider information from open innovation companies throughout your membership.

This program is exclusively for inventRight students and offers a level of access that is unique to us. You get to learn what types of products companies from all industries are looking for, and the best ways to design and communicate those products to them, increasing your chances of licensing success!

Are you a good candidate for the
inventRight coaching program?

You are a good candidate to become an inventRight Student if any of the following apply to you…

You haven’t licensed your product idea yet.

You’ve been working on your product idea for a year or more without a licensing deal.

You have a patent, but you still haven’t obtained a licensing deal.

You’ve reached out to companies looking for ideas with no results.

You’ve filed a provisional patent application, built a prototype, and created a sell sheet, but still haven’t received a licensing deal.

You’ve made contact with companies looking for ideas, but still haven’t signed a licensing deal.

You are manufacturing your product with modest results and now would like to license your product to a market leader with the better distribution.

 You’ve spent time and money on your inventions with few results. Now you want to learn how to become a professional inventor.

You’ve gotten very close to a licensing deal, but for some reason cannot tip it over.

You received a licensing deal, but the product never made it to market.

You received a licensing deal, but realize you left money on the table.

You’ve licensed multiple product ideas, and now would like to become a better negotiator and increase your success rate even further.

You are a CEO, startup founder, or entrepreneur who wants to learn how to license your technology out.

Profile of a typical successful
inventRight student?

Our students come from all different professions and industries, including healthcare, engineering, sales, marketing, construction, and more.

They are physicians, nurses, teachers, dentists, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, general contractors, plumbers, truck drivers, physical trainers, yoga teachers, massage therapists, stay-at-home parents, firemen, landscapers, filmmakers, bloggers, chefs, real estate salesmen, industrial designers, product developers, small business owners, therapists, entrepreneurs, life coaches, lawyers, coal miners, retired veterans, social workers, university professors, auto mechanics, and much more.

They may or may not have a patent. Some have built prototypes and created sell sheets. Some are completely new to the inventing world.

From 18 years old to 82, our students are all ages and come from all places — specifically, more than 65 different countries. Our past students have included the United States Army and even a patent attorney.

They all have one thing in common: The desire and passion to bring their creativity to market through licensing.

Our inventRight 10-step proven system is so successful, it’s being taught in universities and high schools across the world.

Achieving success in any profession requires education and learning from the best in the industry, and that’s why people become inventRight students.

Why Join inventRight?

Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss explain the benefits of Bootcamp

What You Get


A personal licensing coach for 6 months.

Expert negotiations advising through every deal.

An accelerated schedule, designed to help you stay on track and hit your goals.

Access to our online members-only forum.

Live hour-long webinars twice per month.

A complete education in our ten-step approach to licensing.

Access to intuitive online instructional materials.

Access to 1000’s of companies looking for ideas!


30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re proud of our low return rate, and we work hard to ensure it stays that way. If you’re not happy with the program after 30 days, we will offer you a refund*

By clicking one of the links above and purchasing you agree to the inventRight one-on-one coaching program terms and conditions outlined here.

If you have problems ordering please call us at (650) 793-1477 or click here to contact us.

Free Shipping • Plus A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

*One time payment includes a $199 single payment discount. $699 down and five payments equals a total of $3,694. A processing fee may apply to any refund requests.

† Any prices or costs of services from providers other than inventRight shown on this page are estimations and are for comparative purposes only. inventRight is not a law firm, and membership with us does not constitute an offer of coverage for legal counsel of any kind. Every project is different, and you may still require or desire legal counsel at any point during your membership.

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inventRight is the world's leading expert on product licensing. Cofounded by Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss in 1999, it has since helped people from more than 60 countries license their ideas for new products.

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