35218342 sI believe that people who create and invent new things do it because we have to - it's a natural desire that cannot be ignored. It's an energy, a way of looking at the world around us, and we simply have to let that energy out.

I also think that most creative people are not in it for the money.

We want to make the world a better place. We want to prove to ourselves and others that we can contribute in a meaningful way.

The reality is that we have to believe in ourselves. When everyone thinks we are crazy, or gets tired of hearing about our ideas, we have to rely on our own faith in the creative process. This inventing journey will take time. You will be challenged. You will be frustrated. You will be disappointed at times.

So why do we do this? Because there’s something magical when you come up with an idea. When you create something from nothing. It’s an incredible feeling.

Do not let failure, setbacks, or frustration keep you from pursuing your dreams.

Reality Check

It’s going to take longer than you want. It’s going to take some money. And some time. And then some more time.

But you’re not alone! There are many of us that have the same dreams and aspirations.

Go find your community!

Find your local inventing group. Help. Help others be successful. What goes around comes around, karma - you name it.

I cofounded IGA (Inventors Groups of America) to help build a database of service providers that can help. Along with this database will be articles and tips on the best practices to use in various situations. From simple ideas to complex ideas we will try to provide a roadmap for every inventors journey.

Before you work with any vendor or service provider make sure you "kick the tires". Get references. Check them on the Internet by typing their name in the search bar followed by the word "complaints or lawsuits". Make sure they are reliable and will actually help you succeed.

Watch my YouTube channel and inventRight TV with over 300 videos to help to license your idea.

Don’t let the struggles or the frustrations or failures stop you from being creative. Do not let anyone diminish your desire. Recognize the difference between being creative and the reality of trying to license or manufacture your invention.

Be patient, educate yourself, and find your community.

One last note.

If you've been doing this for years without success you definitely need to reevaluate. Take the time to do a thorough an unbiased evaluation of your products ideas and your process for moving your projects forward. What are you doing correctly? Where you can make improvements? Get some professional advice - don’t ever hesitate to keep educating yourself.