Commercializing an invention is difficult at best.

At inventRight we are here to help. We have pulled together our top 50 most-viewed YouTube videos about how to bring new product ideas to market — which together have more than 1,000,000 views! The playlist is called "Invention Help - Top 50 Videos - Over 1 Million Views."

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In total, the inventRight TV YouTube channel has published more than 400 videos on how to commercialize/license your ideas.

These videos include:

1. How to protect your ideas for new products, including provisional patent applications and patents.

2. How much money you can make licensing your ideas.

3. How to create a sell sheet that actually sells — aka marketing material that does the selling for you.

4. Common obstacles when licensing inventions and how to overcome them.

5. How to pitch your ideas so that companies say yes.

6. Cutting your first big deal. 

7. Companies looking for new invention ideas.

8. Inventor licensing success stories.

9. How to get into any company to license your idea.

10. How to license an idea without a patent.

And much more!

At inventRight we believe that it is extremely important that you educate yourself before you spend your hard-earned money and your precious time on product ideas and inventions that are not marketable.

Today we are the world's leading experts at licensing ideas/products/inventions with students from more than 60 different countries!

Our goal at inventRight is to provide you with a roadmap to commercialize your ideas.

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