irblacklogonewLicensing ideas is easier now than it has ever been.  Open innovation is flourishing and thousands of companies are looking for new ideas.  Technological developments like 3D printers allow you to make prototypes quickly and inexpensively.  Crowd-funding websites help you raise needed dollars.  Freelance websites offer inexpensive marketing materials.  And you can file a provisional patent application for as little as $70 that will give you patent pending status on your idea for a year. (We can help you do that with SmartIP – a program developed by patent attorney Gene Quinn) (LINK)

You can get started by reading “One Simple Idea - Turn Your Dreams Into a Licensing Goldmine While Letting Others Do the Work”.

Or, you could watch our 300 plus YouTube videos that help explain the various steps of how to license your idea.

Here, on our website, we have the largest library of information on licensing in the world!  Educate yourself.

But even with all the information that I have shared with you in this blog, not that many people are able to license their ideas.  It’s easier to do, but it’s still not happening that often.  The success rate is pretty low.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

I’m the proud cofounder of inventRight.

We coach people in over 50 countries around the world on how to license their ideas using simple steps and tools.

And, our success rate leads the industry.

Why are we so successful?

Andrew Krauss and I have been teaching creative people since 1999 how to license their products.  We have a ten step process, along with our coaches, to help keep you on track and accountable for moving forward.  Our coaches guide you through the steps, review and revise our marketing material, and are there to help you with any obstacles that arise.  inventRight offers a community of like-minded people that have done this process over and over.  There isn’t a question or obstacle we haven’t answered or overcome.

We teach you how to study the marketplace to determine if your product has a meaningful point of difference.  We teach you how to protect your idea with a provisional patent application.  We teach you how to write a one-line benefit statement that will explain your product in one sentence. We teach you how to create a sell sheet and other marketing materials to get the attention of a company.  We teach you how to get your product into a company for review. We teach you how to present your product and yourself professionally.

Knowledge is really important but experience is even more.

No one has more experience coaching people to licensing deals than we do.  No one.

Does our process guarantee that you will license your product?  Of course not. We can’t predict or control how a company reacts to your idea.

But when there is interest, we help you negotiate a contract that is fair and reasonable.  On average, we see at least one licensing deal a week.

We’re really good at this.

Do we take a percent of your deal?


Our services are priced on our website.  There is nothing hidden and there is a lot included. We offer a six-month coaching program, which can be renewed.  As part of that program you have a coach, access to SmartIP, the services of a graphic designer for marketing materials (up to three sell sheets), and inclusion in our weekly webinars, forum and social media sites.  You have a team of people on your side.

Have you filed a patent that is just sitting collecting dust?  Do you see others licensing their products and wonder to yourself “Why can’t that be me?”  Has your product been rejected and you don’t know why?

Invest in your self.

Invest in inventRight.