66141573 sLet the worlds leading experts on product licensing teach you how to collect royalties on your product ideas!

How? With inventRight’s online licensing course, iR Academy.

Learn how to license your own inventions without raising capital, starting a business, or really taking any risk at all.
You probably don't even need a prototype let alone an expensive patent!

I have licensed over 20 products including toys, novelty gifts, back to school items, and even packaging innovations.

For the past 17 years I’ve been educating other inventors around the world how to license their ideas. I have students in over 60 countries!

Together with my business partner, Andrew Krauss, I have developed a 10 step process that can work for anyone. I've written about this process in my best selling book "One Simple Idea". Some people have been able to license their product ideas just by reading the book and following the ten steps.

Other people want more in-depth information and guidance which is why we developed our first online inventRight licensing course.

It’s called iR Academy. It offers the ultimate DIY method to learn and practice our 10 step approach to licensing. You move at your own pace through the oneline coursework that we have tailored to multiple learning styles. You get to choose between text, audio, and video formats to customize your learning experience. And if you want, you can add up to 100 hours of additional resources as your schedule or curiosity allows.

Not only do you get all the material, but you can attend optional bi-weekly classes live on video. Experienced inventRight coaches will take you in-depth through complex topics and will be available to answer any questions you may have. That's why we call it iR Academy - it's like taking a university level on-line course with access to top-tier course materials, libraries full of information, and professors.

In fact, I, along with my team, will be teaching this class as an accredited upper level course at the University of Newcastle in Australia in the spring of 2019.

Check it out - this may be the option that you have been waiting for!