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Roadblock ahead! How to Stay Motivated While Trying to License Your Idea

iStock 000009350932XSmallOne of the toughest things about being an inventor or product developer is staying motivated and keeping on track – especially in light of setbacks.  This journey is a marathon; definitely not a sprint and you are going to experience ups and downs along the way.

You need to have a few tips and strategies to help you stay excited, enthusiastic and focused so that you can reach the finish line.  You can do this!

Protect and nurture your creativity!  If you are an inventor or product developer then you are a creative person by definition.  You like to come up with new things, better things, and bigger things!  But, obstacles, setbacks and rejection can beat down your creativity.  I know -I have been there!

I believe that you can license your own product ideas – you know that.  But for us creative folks, the easiest step in the process is creating the new idea.  Then comes all the hard work  - protecting your idea, creating marketing materials and contacting companies.  You are bound to have tough days and you certainly will encounter some roadblocks.

I have found the best method for me to keep being creative and to nurture that part of me is to tackle my “hard” tasks in the morning.  If I have a tough call to make or some research to do on prior art – that’s what I do in the morning when I am rested and have high energy.

Then, I “reward myself” by taking time in the afternoon to be creative.  That’s the time of day I love!  Looking at a blank piece of paper and creating something new – it’s magical!  I try to do this each and every day – it builds that creative “muscle” and allows me to remember why I am pursuing this dream of licensing my products!

For me to stay on track, I simply have to have a little “fun” each day – and that is my creative time in the afternoons.

Another thing that keeps me going is visualizing my product on store shelves.  I imagine people interacting with my product whether it brings them joy or solves a problem for them.  Of course, it’s nice to imagine and visualize the royalty checks coming in – but truth be told, I get more of a kick thinking about people picking up and using a product that I invented.

My label invention took forever to come to market.  I submitted it to over 100 companies and although many thought it was a great idea, none wanted to license it from me.  Despite that, I can remember imagining what it would look like on store shelves and how people would use it. Trust me, my wife got pretty tired of me talking about it – but then, finally, I did license it!  I’ll never forget going into a Walgreen’s with my youngest daughter to see the display of my product on Rexall Sundown herbals – and there was a television commercial for my label, which used Alex Trebek from Jeopardy as the spokesperson! My dreaming and visualizing had come true.

That’s how I make this work.  Nurture my creativity, dream and visualize.  Of course, in between those fun things, I keep doing the hard work.

Don’t let roadblocks or setbacks knock you out of the game.

You can do this!

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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

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