Los Angeles County, California – The month of November was a stressful month for residents of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. The beautiful coastal city of Malibu was just one of several that ravaging fires totally devastated. The “Woolsey Fire,” as it was named, burned nearly 100,000 acres, destroyed 1,500 structures, and took 3 lives.

The men and women of Fire and Police Departments throughout Southern California came together to effectively manage this horrible crisis. As a member of one of the largest Law Enforcement agencies in the world, I was tasked with managing the deployment of teams to and from the affected zones.

With a department that employees nearly 20,000 members, it is critical that all are on the same page. But how do you get that many employees to perform effectively, efficiently, and in unison all in a moments notice? Some employees have 30+ years on the job and many have less than a month on. Many department members may go an entire career without responding to such a disaster. So what ensures that employees, tenured or not, will respond to a tragedy and perform like a pro? The answer: Training and putting trust in the process.

As is often done, I take my law enforcement experiences and directly apply them to my mentorship and coaching of inventors I work with at inventRight.

Much like my law enforcement partners must rely heavily on training and placing their trust in the process to manage a disaster, it is clear that trusting the iR process — along with our proven training — is absolutely critical in achieving the licensing results you desire.

If I can train you to respond to an emergency via a process that was put into place far before my time, then we at inventRight can certainly train you to achieve your licensing goals and beyond. Believing in us and trusting our process is a crucial step that you must acknowledge early on in your journey with iR. Failure to do so is, quite simply, detrimental to your success. We see nearly one licensing deal a week now! Garth P., Stephen B., and Paula R. all recently achieved their goals because they put their full faith in the process. Will you?

Your inventRight coach tells you to make sure your ‘hit list’ (a list of companies you wish to present your idea to) includes a minimum of fifteen companies. You believe that sounds daunting and unreasonable. TRUST THE PROCESS

Your inventRight coach advises you to NOT email the licensee back and forth, but rather nurture the relationship via phone calls.  TRUST THE PROCESS

Your inventRight coach warns you about sending a prototype prematurely, but you feel it is in your best interest. TRUST THE PROCESS

Your inventRight coach tells you not to immediately respond to an email inquiry because it tends to make you look amateur. You are excited and believe it is in your best interest to respond now!  TRUST THE PROCESS

Your inventRight coach tells you that your sell sheet is too busy and giving away too much. You feel you need more information on your sell sheet. TRUST THE PROCESS

Your inventRight coach tells you that you must contact licensees at an aggressive pace and that reaching out to one or two a week simply won’t work. TRUST THE PROCESS

Your inventRight coach tells you to keep your emails brief because the recipients are extremely busy. You think it is best to give a licensee your background and an abundance of additional information. TRUST THE PROCESS

Your inventRight coach asks you to watch a specific training video because it will bring clarification to something we have identified as a weakness in your skillset. TRUST THE PROCESS

Your inventRight coach tells you that a 3D prototype will more effectively show the benefits of your product when in comparison to your crude homemade prototype. TRUST THE PROCESS

I could go on and on. These are just some of the common sticking points that I often receive resistance on. As a teenager my father would often tell me, “Ryan, where you’re going, I’ve been.” At the time I found that saying to be extremely obnoxious. Now that I’m a coach, it makes total sense.

Your inventRight coach has been where you want to go. Put faith in us and we will put you in the absolute best position possible to license your simple idea.

Whether it’s the next great natural disaster or a simple licensing play, those who take on new challenges must rely on the experiences and training of those who came before them.

So, who’s ready to take the next ride with us, and truly trust the process?