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Custom Coaching Program

Consult with an expert inventRight Coach over the course of 4-6 weeks.

Fast-Track Coaching for Your Invention Idea

These custom coaching programs are for inventors that are in the process or have already gotten protection for their idea, developed their marketing materials, and are ready to start finding their licensees. Use our expert advice to break though any obstacles and achieve the goals for your product ideas!

Your Personal Product Licensing Coach will help take your product idea to the next level using methods that Stephen Key himself has developed and perfected over 40+ years, working with 1,000’s of inventors around the world.

An expert Product Licensing Coach will help you get there faster than you ever would on your own.

Benefits of Custom Coaching for Your Idea

During your membership, you will receive 4 weeks of weekly meetings with your coach.

Invention Consulting confidence


• The Preparation you need to answer any question
• Give your licensee confidence in working with you

Invention Consulting negotiateicon


• Connect with the right companies and people
• Make meaningful, lasting relationships

Invention Consulting motivation


• Motivation is one of the key elements to achieving your goals
• Increase your excitement and energy levels

Invention Consulting mastery


• Learn to overcome any obstacle on your licensing journey
• Advice from a world-renowned licensing expert

Invention Consulting efficiency


• Improve your productivity to achieve your goals faster
• Learn how to best prioritize the work you have ahead

Invention Consulting coachingicon


• Become a professional in every step of the licensing process
• Learn how to apply these principles to any project

inventRight Expert Custom Coaching

4-6 Week Coaching Program

9 sessions over a 4 – 6 Week period of intensive training: We provide a clear path to follow towards achieving your specific goals. You will meet with your expert inventRight coach every week to receive the individualized attention and guidance you need to move your project forward.

With our support, the next steps on your path to market will be clearer and easier to achieve than ever before!

Also Included in Custom Coaching Programs: 30-day access to inventRight’s 10-step licensing guide – including the most comprehensive information in the world on product licensing.


4-6 Week Membership

Invention Consulting 7dayguarantee

Your purchase is backed by a 7-day satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason you are not happy with your membership, you can get a full refund.

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Any information you disclose with inventRight staff is fully covered by our NDA*.

You can feel safe knowing that we won’t ever share, sell, or disclose your information.

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*Program additions available at an additional price. Contact us today to determine your unique needs!

Available Add-On: All Access Report

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We provide you with a custom list of contacts at 20 companies! This list is curated specifically to your product idea and the category you are licensing in.

In this list of at least 20 companies you can sell your invention to, you will receive the direct contact information for 3 decision makers at each company.

That includes an email address and their direct LinkedIn page, giving you over 60 chances to license your invention. A $599 value!