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Invention Consultation

Kick Start Coaching Helps You at Any Step

This Program was Created to Match Your Experience, Knowledge, and Objectives

What’s Included:

One 60-Minute Coaching Session

  • Expert advice completely customized to you and your needs.
  • Next-steps to keep you moving forward.



Kick Start Coaching Can Help You If:

You’re not quite sure what’s the best path to take.

You would like to have your sell sheet and marketing material evaluated for its effectiveness.

You’re worried about protecting your idea.

You would like to learn how to write a Provisional Patent Application yourself.

You would like to do it “right” and also save money along the way protecting your invention idea.

You would like to avoid any potential roadblocks and problems ahead.

Kick Start Coaching Helps You No Matter Where You Are in Your Inventing Process


Answer Questions Like:

Is my idea marketable?

• Which idea do I start with?

• Do I License or Venturing my Product idea?

• Competitive analysis of your idea.

• Finding companies looking for ideas for my idea.

• How to evaluate my ideas for licensing.


Answer Questions Like:

Do you need to file a patent?

• Is my idea patentable?

• How to search for prior art.

• What’s going to stop me from getting a Patent?

• Filing a Provisional Patent Application that has value in the marketplace.

• When to use an NDA.


Answer Questions Like:

Creating strong marketing material.

• Creating strong marketing copy.

• Targeting the right marketing material to the right company.

• Creating strong marketing sales video.


Answer Questions Like:

How to “identify” the right company to license your product idea.

• How to use LinkedIn.

• Reaching out correctly to the right person.

• Knowing what to say.

• How to pitch to a company on a cold call.

• How to answer their questions correctly.

• How to make your list of companies.


Answer Questions Like:

How to negotiate the highest world to rate.

• Protecting your product idea with minimum guarantees.

• Making sure you get paid.

• Reducing your liability.

• Getting the company to pay for intellectual property.

• Owning all improvements.

• Making sure you get paid with no intellectual property issued.

  • “I greatly appreciated the half hour of coaching I received from Terry. I've been watching your YouTube channel for around 6 months now. While I've learned a lot from the videos and live streamed question and answer sessions, I really wanted to talk about the particular idea that brought me to inventRight in the first place. Having something familiar to center my thoughts and questions on enabled me to engage in what I felt was a more productive conversation. Even though all of your services appear to be very reasonably priced, I am usually pretty cautious entering into anything that I don't have a full grasp on. The time with Terry helped me become more comfortable with the people and services of inventRight. In my opinion the insight that Terry provided was worth the cost. And as a kind of added bonus I received what I believe was a clear and honest window into what is provided with the other inventRight services.”

    Lucas C.

  • “I am new to inventing and did not know if my ideas were viable or where to begin. I didn't want to spend thousands of dollars pursuing a patent or developing a prototype without understanding the process or whether or not my ideas had potential. I decided to sign up for inventright's Kick Start program. For a reasonable fee, their program gave me access to an experienced counselor who could address my initial concerns. I felt that he sincerely wanted to help me develop my ideas and was coaching me with my best interests at heart. Within the limitations of a 90-minute session, he was able to provide feedback on three unrelated product ideas, show me what initial steps to take to research them, and also suggested areas to review for possible product improvement. In addition, we had a high-level discussion on the next steps I would take toward signing a licensing agreement. I realize that I still need additional coaching to bring my ideas to market but this gave me the foundation I needed to get started. I found the session very helpful and it truly helped "Kick Start" the process for me.”

    Scott B.

  • “Thank you inventRight team! Thank you Terry O'mara for giving my head peace of mind to push forward with my projects! Your encouraging advice, and expert perspective are exactly what I needed. Being a creative mind, l'm constantly thinking of ways to make life easier and efficient. Without inventRight’s help, I wouldn't have the knowledge or confidence needed to tackle the business end of inventing. Since getting schooled by Terry, I'm now able to advance on to the next phase of my licensing journey! I'Il finally be able to use my talent to make a difference in this world and inventRight! Keep up the great work guys! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!”


  • “My meeting with Terry was like a breath of fresh air. I was a little nervous about the meeting and thought he would talk over my head and would think my product idea was silly. I've never been more wrong. Terry had a warm, welcoming voice and was very knowledgeable. He made me feel at ease, as if I were talking to an old friend. My confidence level went from 2 to 10 after speaking with him. He told me what my next steps were and I'm glad to say, thanks to Terry, I'm on my way.

    I'd also like to share my experience with Sylvia. She was amazing! Our conversation went very well and she connected me to Terry. She's even followed up with me since our call via text & email. At times we need that extra reminder because life happens.

    I'm so looking forward to working with the team at inventRight.”


Your Expert Evaluation Coaches

Terry O'Mara

Terry O'Mara

Manager of Coaching Services | Albuquerque, NM

Terry O’Mara has always been creative. He remembers drawing on the slats of his older brother’s bunk bed when he was just a kid. (Later on, he got the go-ahead to ‘customize’ the walls o…

Paul Sorenson

Paul Sorenson

Senior Coach & Chief Negotiator | Smithfield, UT

Paul Sorenson has been an entrepreneur practically his whole life, especially since graduating college. Owning and running multiple businesses in different industries, i…

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