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Master Tabletop Game Design in 8 Weeks

Learn from toy & game Expert Inventor and Executive Ed Gartin alongside inventRight Coach April Mitchell.

Are You Currently Developing a Game, Feeling Stuck, or “Gave Up” on a Big Idea?

This course is designed to help tabletop game inventors at any step. Over the course of 8 weeks you’ll learn from a seasoned industry expert everything you need to make your game idea a reality.


This new Master Class in Tabletop Game Design will teach you to be a professional game developer. During the course, you’ll take a deep-dive into the toy & game industry from someone who’s experienced it all over the course of a 22-year career.

In this course, you’ll meet twice weekly with your instructors for 8 weeks. After the 8 week course is complete, you’ll practice your skills by pitching directly to your instructors.

You will learn to research, understand, and design tabletop games from a true professional. You’ll also learn about play-testing, rule and graphics making, marketing your game, and finally how to pitch it to licensees that want your idea!

This inventRight Master Class is limited to only 24 participants, so sign up now to secure your spot!

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What You’ll Learn in Your 8-Week Master Class:

Week 1: Research, Inspiration, and Ideation

Week 2: Understanding Game Design

Week 3: Make the Game

Week 4: Play-testing, Iterating

Week 5: Rules, Graphics Make the Game

Week 6/7: Shooting Footage of Your Playtests – what do you want to capture?

Week 8: The Wrap-Up: Sell Sheets, Pitch decks, Videos

Week 9: Set up a meeting to Pitch to April & Ed – Send in your pitch video or sizzle video

Take-Aways include:

  • Sample spec sheet design
  • Editable presentation deck
  • Ed’s favorite research sites
  • Playtest questionnaires
  • Game creator’s guide
    And More!

Master Class Begins June 2nd – Only 24 Spots Available!


Special Introductory Price

Call Now: +1 (800) 701-7993

About Toy & Game Expert Inventor Ed Gartin

Ed Gartin is a 22+ year veteran in the Toy and Game industry and is currently the founder and Creative Catalyst behind Paper Bag Creative.

During that time Ed has been designing, developing, and manufacturing innovative new toys and games at places such as Hasbro, Toys R Us, Kosmos, Decipher TCG, and SwimWays, just to name a few. He’s lead multiple design teams in the creation of highly successful brands and innovative new products.

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Master Tabletop Game Design gamecologos

His career highlights include: Monopoly Gamer – the largest prime time launch based on sales in the 87-year history of Monopoly. Monopoly Millenials which Generated over 1.5 billion media impressions at launch. The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game, which won the Origin Awards for Best Trading Card Game of 2001, and Best Graphic Presentation of a game in 2001.

Today Ed continues inventing and developing toys and games that bring families together through play, and inspire children to become the amazing people that they were destined to be. He also spends time mentoring and coaching Inventors while working with Toy and Game companies to grow their businesses and launch new, innovative products.

Having worked in every genre of gaming from Trading Card Games at Decipher, Family Board Games at Hasbro, and German Board Games at Kosmos; working in boardrooms to factory floors, Ed has seen it, heard it, and done it. Now, he would love to share that wealth of experience with you so you can master tabletop game inventing!

About inventRight Coach April Mitchell

April Mitchell is a successful entrepreneur who is passionate about natural health and wellness to help others feel their best. A lifelong learner, she was a teacher before focusing on raising her four children with her husband Tony, who is an active duty Marine.

Growing up, April remembers that her father was always creating new things, be it tools for his trade or fishing. Inventing runs in her family, actually; her grandfather received several patents for his inventions, and her great-grandfather was an inventor as well.

Master Tabletop Game Design aprilmitchellonly

While studying to become a teacher, she began using her creativity to design her own games and interactive activities. About a decade ago, she invented and licensed a patented device that prevents towels from slipping off towel bars and onto the bathroom floor. (It did not make it to market and is still available for licensing.)

She found success with her next product idea, the Right Height Adjustable Heights Over-the-Door Hook. The company she licensed it to displayed it at the 2019 International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago. It will be distributed on-line and at retail stores!

Since then, she has licensed products in several industries. She specializes in the toy and game industry, having licensed 7 toys and games in the last 18 months – she is truly a professional inventor!

She has been working with Ed Gartin for 7 years to help inventors master their toy & game ideas, and is now bringing that experience to current and past inventRight members with this Master Class.