Michelle Upton

Mary Ellen Pennington Successfully Licensed a Product!

“The inventRight program will guide you through the steps and best practices needed in order to move forward and succeed in the licensing world.

Like anything worthwhile it takes focus and commitment but if you are a product developer considering a mentorship, inventRight is the only company to consider.

Stephen’s books and free online content show the passion that inventRight has for helping inventors and offers a glimpse into the integrity of the company.

Licensing a product is definitely a challenge, it takes commitment and tenacity but with Coach Courtney cheering me on, I can proudly say “I have licensed a product!”

Courtney was pragmatic and patient as she guided me through the inventRight process. She is a fantastic coach and brilliant beyond her years, I am truly grateful for her guidance and integrity.

I went through a lot of “No”s before I finally got my “Yes” but the relationships built with those “No”s are priceless. With them, I am building my network for future licensing endeavors, all thanks to the method inventRight has taught me.”

Michelle Upton


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