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We offer full-service prototyping, engineering, and product development services to inventors and small businesses looking to bring their next big idea to life. Our team has years of experience and is backed by 100’s of completed projects. Put our experience to work for you and sell your idea with a prototype from inventRight!



Our CoFounder Stephen Key’s philosophy has always been to sell the benefit of your product idea first and foremost. Focusing on a products main benefit allows you to quickly and easily evaluate multiple different ideas to determine if they will truly have value in the marketplace.

Once you find that perfect product idea is not the time to start building your prototype. You need to verify interest in your product first, and the fastest, cheapest way to do that is with a sell sheet and a quality virtual rendering. After you do find interest, many companies or other investors will want to see a “proof of concept”, and that is when you should start building your prototype.

Prototypes can be a powerful tool in demonstrating your products value, but ordering one too soon can be a costly and time-consuming delay in your to-market strategy. Once you do begin the prototyping process, there’s many questions and decisions you’ll be facing for example do you need:

Rapid prototyping?
Simple 3-D printed?
High end appearance model?
Proof of concept model?
Maybe even a small batch production prototype?

Schedule a call with us today to determine the right strategy for your product!



Prototypes work to sell your product idea in multiple beneficial ways depending on who it is being presented to. For potential investors or licensees, a working prototype lets them see the functional benefit of your product - the problem it solves and how it works in a practical way. It also lets them see how the final product will look, feel, and be perceived by the consumer.

For manufacturers, a prototype is nearly priceless as it lets them determine what machines, parts, and materials will be needed to complete the product, and how much that process may cost.

Prototypes are an essential part of getting your product to market faster, and with less issues, than other low-cost methods. A quality prototype gives everyone involved the same perspectve and keeps them aligned with the same vision.

Our experts provide full-service product development which inludes ideation, prototyping, engineering, packaging, and manufacturing.





A prototype is the best way to demonstrate your products value and individuality in the marketplace. With hundreds of clients served and nearly ten years of marketplace experience, our prototype designers produce meticulously thought out, high quality prototypes. A show-stopping prototype is the best pitch you could possibly have. Get started on a quote today!




Your products packaging is the first impression it will have on consumers, and potentially investors and licensees as well. Packaging that makes a statement will help to seperate your product from the countless others out there that could be competing for the same space. We give you a personal consultation and work with you to make your vision a reality.




Need to do a trial product run, or are you ready to ship off multiple samples to potential clients? Our manufacturing services provide limited, high-quality runs that you can use to get out there and start selling.




Our Advanced Coaching offers 6 months of one-on-one support to help you license your new product idea. You get access to a personal licensing coach, online course materials, a database of companies looking for ideas, and access to our Design Studio and SmartIP tools to help market and protect your product idea. Learn more about our coaching here!




Our full service engineering process begins with a custom consultation where we outline how to create 3D CAD files that match your vision. From there we can build a prototype, design packaging, collaborate on patent drawings and IP strategy, even up to setting up manufacturing samples. Whatever the scope of your needs, we’re here to help you and exceed your expectations through every step.




When done right, manufacturing your product can be a breeze. The proper setup and relationships, combined with easy to understand material for the manufacturer, are key to a succesful manufacturing run. Manufacturing can also be a nightmare if done wrong - so put our experience and relationships to work for you in order to make sure you’re doing everything right from the very beginning.


Techpack &

Technical Drawings

These drawings use a universal fabrication language, which means you can take these drawings to virtually any fabricator and have your idea produced. These drawings can include PCD schematics, Gerber Files, Firmware, and Blueprints. These drawings aren’t only useful for fabricators, as they’ll also prove useful when talking to attorneys, investors, and potential licensees, and manufacturers.




inventRight offers a concept to market IP Strategy service, that includes a referall to an inventRight approved patent agent. We provide you with a full business strategy as well as ensuring you get teamed up with someone who can provide you with an air-tight patent. The combination of a well thought out business strategy and strong IP will give you the best possible chance when entering the marketplace. Learn more here.




How much does a prototype cost?

The cost of a prototype depends heavily on the complexity of the product as well as the materials used and the amount of development time needed. While prices can vary widely, we try to work with you to create a stunning prototype that is worth the money you’ve invested in it. Set up a no-cost consultation today to get a quote for your product idea and find out how we can help you get into the marketplace!

How long does it take to create a prototype?

Because each prototype is different, and the development times can vary depending on the type of product it’s nearly impossible to put a precise timeframe on prototype development. However, many of our clients see a functioning product that they can touch and feel in anywhere from 45-90 days. That time may increase if revisions or other changes are necessary, or if a re-work is required due to existing IP or other unforseen factors at the beginning of the prototyping process.

What are the benefits of a prototype?

A prototype is paramount in marketing your idea. It allows any interested party to see how the final product will look and function, and provides insights into the manufacturing methods that will be necessary when creating your product. A functioning prototype can also reduce time and cost when marketing your product, as well as when beginning the manufacturing phase of your development.

Can I get multiple prototypes created?

Yes! Once your prototype is created we offer limited manufacturing runs so that you can send prototypes to multiple different potential investors and licensees. Creating multiple prototypes can be extremely adventageous in reducing the time it takes you to secure interest and begin the go-to-market process.

Do I need a patent to create a prototype?

The short answer is, no, you do not need a patent to create a prototype. We offer an NDA to all of our clients so that your idea is protected throughout the engineering and prototyping process. When you decide to start showing your prototype to interested parties though, it’s important to find protection through your own NDA, a provisional patent application, or a non-provisional patent, all of which inventRight can help you with. Learn more about how our IP Strategy services can help you protect and sell your product here.

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inventRight is the world's leading expert on product licensing. Cofounded by Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss in 1999, it has since helped people from more than 60 countries license their ideas for new products.

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