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What is a patent search and why is it so important?

One of the first steps of licensing success is to determine whether your product idea is “new” and “novel”.
One of the biggest complaints we hear from companies is that you’re submitting product ideas that’s already been invented.
A patent search is performed for the purpose of finding “prior art”, meaning the most relevant published and issued U.S. Patents to your invention. 

Making informed decisions

After a patent and search is conducted, you will be able to make a much more informed decision about whether or not to move forward with your product idea. You will know whether a patent on a similar invention has already been issued or published worldwide.

Having confidence

Taking this step shows your commitment to knowing your product idea has “a point of difference”compared to prior patents that have been issued and similar products on the market.

Selling the “benefit” of your product idea

This information is extremely helpful when Marketing your product idea and is essential to have when discussing your product idea with potential licensees.

Helping you file a well written provisional patent application.

Conducting a patent search will also help you file a much better provisional patent application.

Having this type of information in advance can help you overcome any future office actions if you end up deciding to file a non-provisional patent application.

In our opinion, a professional patent search is critical for you to get a patent issued on your product idea.

Who conducts the patent search?

We believe that doing a patent search correctly means utilizing a professional patent searcher. This way, there’s no conflict of interest, unlike working with a Patent Attorney or Patent Agent.

We also believe it’s important to do a worldwide Search. Doing a United States search is not enough.

It is important to understand that what a patent search uncovers can never guarantee with certainty that your invention will or will not be approved by the USPTO.

Utility and design patent referrals

InventRight can refer you to an independent, registered Patent attorney, or patent agent for help with a non-provisional utility patent application, design patent application, or other legal needs.
You would then work directly with an independent practitioner to fulfill your legal needs.
Please note, it is important to understand that inventRight utilizes independent, registered Patent and Attorneys/ Agents for the completion of Provisional Patent Application work or Non-Provisional Patent Application work. InventRight is not a law firm and does not engage in the practice of law. We do not and cannot practice before the U.S. Patent Office and cannot offer legal consultation, advice, opinions or services. Please see our terms of service and disclaimer pages for additional information.

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