“I win or I learn, but I never lose.”

After quitting smoking cigarettes, Arkady started to smoke, well, marijuana. Being a natural “clean freak,” he needed a way of storing his half-smoked joints, but no sanitary packaging or storage devices existed for joints that met his needs. He decided to bring his own product to market. Not knowing any better, he ended up spending $15,000 with an invention promotion company. Unfortunately, this company didn’t even teach him about the steps of the licensing process or discuss whether his product would be able to be manufactured. After going nowhere, and truly believing in the quote, “I win or I learn, but I never lose,” he decided to educate himself on what to do next.

In total, he ended up investing about $82,000 trying to venture his product. He was losing trust, getting frustrated, and was about to pay for tooling when he found inventRight and made a list of the pros and cons of venturing versus licensing. He decided to license his product and learn the process. He binged watched all of the inventRightTV YouTube videos and read inventRight cofounder Stephen Key’s book One Simple Idea.

Soon he became a student in the inventRight coaching program and began working with their coaches. By this time, he had two non-provisional patents and was working with engineers to make sure his product was manufacturable. Arkady states that the process “is not easy and it is not hard, but you have to commit, stay consistent, and be persistent.”

He approached everything with a willingness to learn. While in the program and reaching out to companies, one of the engineers he had worked with previously started a new job in the cannabis packaging industry, and ultimately connected Arkady to the company he ended up licensing his product to. RoachPack was displayed at the Marijuana Business Convention in 2019 and is planned for distribution in March and he is continuing to work on other ideas as well!

The Key to Licensing
The Key to Licensing
Episode 26 - Hosted by Sylvia Pomazak Featuring inventRight Alumni Arkady Grigoryan
Episode 26 - Hosted by Sylvia Pomazak Featuring inventRight Alumni Arkady Grigoryan icon loader