For 10 years, Phil Case would come up with new ideas for products and always wonder, “What do I do next?” An entrepreneurship class in college taught him how to write a business plan, but after seeing how much money it would take to run a company and bring a product to market, he figured there had to be a better way.

He soon found inventRight cofounder Stephen Key’s book One Simple Idea which was exactly what he was looking for. Phil being a very “process and documentation driven person” liked how the book broke the product licensing process down into 10 steps. 

However, the one thing lacking was accountability. He knew about the 6-month coaching program inventRight offered, but it was out of his budget. He partnered with his best friend Bryan (also an idea guy), gave him the book, and asked him to team up. When they saw inventRight was running a contest for a free Bootcamp program to celebrate its 20th anniversary, they decided to enter.

After their video entry was selected as the winner, Phil and Bryan started working with their coach on their first product. 

“Without a coach, we would probably still be working on a prototype,” he says. They finally started to reach out to companies and got interest on their initial idea and also started working on their second product.

Phil and Bryan are continuing to follow up with companies that have expressed interest in their first product and applying the process to new product ideas as well. Great job guys!

The Key to Licensing
The Key to Licensing
Episode 28 - Hosted by Sylvia Pomazak Featuring inventRight Alumni Phil Case