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Premium Personal Coaching Membership

inventRight’s Premium 52 week membership includes everything you need to learn how to license your idea, including your own personal coach.

A Team of Experts Working on Your Invention Ideas

As an inventRight member you get countless resources to help you become a successful, professional inventor.

Our Premium Membership is designed to provide customized service tailored just for you. No matter where you are in the invention process, our expert coaches will be there for you, guiding you through every step of the process. We have dozens of resources and tools to help you overcome any obstacle.

The inventRight system has been trusted by thousands of inventors, and we want to help you too. Put our team of experts to work for your idea today!

Access Thousands of Companies in our Database!

Meet the decision makers at companies looking for your ideas. Connecting you with companies looking for ideas.

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Our Premium Membership Benefits…

During your membership you will receive a wide array of products and services to help you license your idea including personal coaching.

Premium coachingicon


  • 26 personal one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Access to group coaching calls four times weekly.
Premium protectionicon


  • Learn how to conduct your own patent search using our guided online solution
  • Learn how to write and file a Provisional Patent Application
Premium designicon


  • Learn how to write a one-line benefit statement, the best way to pitch your idea
  • Learn how to create strong marketing material
Premium salesicon


  • Learn how to pitch your ideas to companies
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to represent yourself professionally
Premium accessicon


  • Access thousands of companies using our custom database
  • Connect with decision makers
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  • Bridging the Gap: Meet directly with companies looking for ideas
  • Hear what products industry executives want
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  • Coaching support throughout your licensing contract negotiations
  • Strategies and tactics to help get the highest royalty rate and minimum guarantees
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Design Studio Services

At A Discount

  • Custom designed product sell sheets
  • High quality 3D Virtual prototypes
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inventRight Licensing Guide

  • Over 300 hours of Videos
  • Sample licensing agreements, Sell Sheets
  • Much More
Premium computericon

inventRight Licensing Guide

  • Over 300 hours of Videos
  • Sample licensing agreements, Sell Sheets
  • Much More

To be a successful inventRight Member you need some basic computer skills.
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“Signing up for the inventRight program has been critical in the process of bringing my product to market…”

Chad Brislawn

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“So happy to have found Inventright. Having a blueprint to follow and having experienced support really paved the way to inking this deal…”

Josh Lau

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“InventRight has been life-changing for me. They have helped me unleash my true potential and have shown me how to bring my inventions to life…”

Angel Jordan

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Program Features


You will learn the necessary steps to take a product idea and bring it to market through licensing. And your coach will be with you through each step.


Picking the right product to license. Along with your coach, you will determine whether or not you should pursue any product idea you’re considering commercializing. This can save you a considerable amount of time and money. This will also increase your chance of licensing success.


With your coach you will learn “when” and “how” to protect your product ideas with the tools that are provided at the USPTO. It’s extremely important to do this correctly given the cost and expense associated with protecting your intellectual property. Along with your coach you will learn what’s necessary to file a provisional patent application that truly has value. Filing a PPA correctly will protect you and save you money at the same time.


With your coach you will learn to create the right marketing material for the potential licensee to understand the “benefits” of your product idea quickly and concisely.


Your coach will help you determine the best way to bring your product idea to life.


Along with your coach you will identify the right potential partners to license your product idea to.


inventRight has specialized training designed to help you pitch your product idea the right way. By combining an online course with group meetings that include profile critiques, connection building exercises, and script reviews – our Smart Pitch program helps members grow an online professional presence as a product developer while staying current, active, and accountable in pitching product ideas to open innovation companies.


You will learn how to leverage a licensing deal using a provisional patent application (PPA). We’ll give you the tools to file one without the need for an attorney. If you already have a patent, fantastic — we’ll show you how to negotiate with it. If you are currently selling your product independently, we will show you how to convert that interest from the marketplace into interest from a large company.

You will also learn ways to improve your public relations skills so you can help your licensee sell more product by getting national exposure for your invention.


When you receive your licensing agreement your coach will hand you off to our chief negotiator to work behind the scenes to make sure you’re receiving the highest possible royalty rate with minimum guarantees. During this process you will learn all the basics of licensing agreements.


Your personal coach will help you learn these skills during your twelve-month inventRight program. They will be there every step along the way to make sure you’re making good decisions. Not only will you learn the process of product licensing, you’ll be held accountable and supported in taking the right actions to commercialize your creativity.

You will utilize the skills you learn over and over again when determining which product ideas to license and negotiating licensing agreements with potential licensees.


Meeting the Decision Makers

Building your own relationships with decision makers is critical. Each month through inventRight’s Bridging the Gap meetings we bring on representatives from two companies to allow you to meet face-to-face with the employees and executives you’ll be pitching your product to.

This program is exclusively for our Premium Program.

Watch a few clips from past Bridging The Gap meetings here.

Spring Into inventRight Membership and Receive 4 Bonuses worth $1,696

Click Here To Learn More


12 Monthly Payments


1 Single Payment

Call Now: +1 (800) 701-7993


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Your purchase is backed by inventRight’s 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason you are not happy with your membership, you can get a full refund.

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Any information you disclose with inventRight staff is fully covered by our NDA*.

You can feel safe knowing that we won’t ever share, sell, or disclose your information.