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So you’re interested in inventRight Academy? Here’s what it means to be an Academy Member:

Academy is our group-coaching program, where you meet regularly with inventRight coaches and a group of your peers. You also get access to open office hours, and three private sessions with an inventRight coach.

Although our one-on-one coaching programs are better suited to most of our members, Academy can be a great option if you want to move at your own pace, and receive guidance through our group classes! Read more below to see what Academy coaching has to offer.

What You Get with Academy Team Coaching

During your membership, you will receive 6 months of group coaching and three one-on-one personal coaching sessions.


• Three personal One-on-one Coaching
• Access to two weekly group sessions


• Learn how to conduct your own patent search
• Learn to file a Provisional Patent Application


• Get reduced member pricing
to inventRight’s Design Studio


• Connect to companies directly
• Access 3,000 + Companies Looking for Ideas


Payment plans as low as
$279 per month

Your purchase is backed by inventRight’s 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason you are not happy with your membership, you can get a full refund.

Any information you disclose with inventRight staff is fully covered by our NDA*.

You can feel safe knowing that we won’t ever share, sell, or disclose your information.

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inventRight Academy Timeline



Meet & Plan

Congratulations, you just signed up with inventRight! The first steps you take will be meeting with your coach and familiarizing them with you and your idea. They will evaluate your idea and where you are in the licensing process in order to build a personalized plan around you. Once your coach has prepared an evaluation of your invention idea, they will begin to build a plan of action to address any areas that need improvement and how to move forward.



Attend & Study

Now that you have a plan of action, you’ll begin to build upon the areas that your coach has identified. You’ll be regularly attending your team coaching sessions and learning how to bring your product to market. If you follow the inventRight steps, you could be contacting companies and pitching your idea within 90 days of becoming an inventRight member.



Execute & Close

Once you’ve started contacting companies, you’ll receive feedback from those companies that may drive you to find even more areas of improvement for your pitch and your invention. Once you find your perfect licensee you can begin the contract and negotiation process!