Create a provisional patent application quickly and easily with our guided software.

Claim patent pending status on your invention for one year!

Virtual Prototypes

Our professional designers create a life-like 3D rendering of your invention idea.

Prototype your product at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to develop a physical prototype.

Sell Sheet Design

Use a sell sheet to professionally market your invention idea. A sell sheet quickly communicates the benefit and value of your product idea!

Combine it with a Virtual Prototype for the ultimate marketing package.

All Access Report

Need to get in to companies? We provide a custom list of 60 or more executives at companies matched to your new idea.

You also get sample scripts and educational material – selling your invention is as easy as copy, paste, send!

10-Step Guide

inventRight’s proven 10-step guide to licensing your ideas is available with a monthly or yearly subscription.

Get access to the world-leading licensing system that has helped countless inventors license their great ideas.

Free Resources

inventRight has the single largest collection of over 1,000 free inventor resources that exists on the internet today.

Whether you utilize our free resources below, or if you sign up and become a member we are happy to have you!

US Patent Search

A patent search is performed for the purpose of finding “prior art”, meaning the most relevant published and issued U.S. Patents to your invention.

After a patent and search is conducted, you will be able to decide whether or not to move forward with your product idea.

Worldwide Patent Search

This patent search covers worldwide IP filings realated to your invention idea.

Contact us to figure out which patent search option is right for you!

Coaching and Membership

Invention Evaluation

Have a new invention idea and aren’t sure if you should move forward or what steps to take next?

Schedule a 60-minute Invention Evaluation with an inventRight Coach.

Kick Start Call

Are you on your path to market but have hit a roadblock? Maybe you just need some expert advice for a specific problem.

This is for those that just need a “boost” on their inventing journey.

Invention Consulting

4 Weeks of intensive training:
You will meet with your expert inventRight coach three times every week to work through the steps needed to develop your product idea and bring it to market.

Negotiation Consulting

Have you received interest from a company, and want to make sure you get the best licensing deal for you?

Our expert negotiation coach guides you through the process and reviews your final contract with you.

Academy Classes

This coaching program provides team coaching in a group setting. You get 26 weeks team coaching support to get your questions answered, learn from your peers, and move through the steps to bring your invention to market.

Premium Coaching

This 1-on-1 coaching program includes everything you need for patenting, prototyping and licensing your idea.

You get 52 weeks of support in total, 26 weeks of coaching followed by 26 weeks of community support.

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*Program additions available at an additional price. Contact us today to determine your unique needs!