Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Goals With These Books

by | Nov 4, 2022

It’s important to continue being a student and never stop learning.

Here are a few books that have helped me achieve my goals.

The Obstacle Is The Way
-Ryan Holiday

This is a wonderful book because there are obstacles we have to overcome every single day.

This book explains another way of looking at them — that obstacles are really just a path to achieving great things.

It completely changed my attitude toward problems! Problems are just opportunities now. 

This Is Marketing
-Seth Godin

Seth Godin gave me great advice when he said, “Steve, don’t oversell. Just deliver!”

This was years ago, but how could I forget it?

This book is spectacularly helpful for anyone who is marketing products or services today.

Create value; don’t sell.

The Magic Of Thinking Big
-David J. Schwartz

When you have a mountain to climb, I highly recommend reading this book.

This book is all about timing. If you’re ready, this book is ready for you.

Yes, it’s a little dated, but the techniques and strategies are still amazing! 

What books do you reread to get inspired?

Please email me at with your favorite recommendation so I know what to read next.  

Hopefully, my book becomes one of your favorites!

One Simple Idea

I’m very proud that it has been translated into many different languages!

Now with over 900 5-star reviews between the first and second editions.

Thanks for reading,

Stephen Key

inventRight CoFounder