Aaron Orozco

Inventor of Party Paper Squeaky Plush Dog Toy & Kong Tinker Rewards Dog Toy

Petlou Dog Toy Invented by Aaron Orozco
Aaron Orozco aaronkongtoy

“I wouldn’t even have this current deal if it weren’t for my coach Ryan Diez, because I had a little meltdown when they sent over the royalty number initially. This is why it’s nice to have a coach to talk you down. It ended up being a miscommunication. When the company finally sent the contract over, it was exactly what I wanted. Ryan was always there for me, always in my corner. Stephen, you are an absolute legend and have absolutely changed my life. I’d never be able to use enough words to express how appreciative l am. Thank you for existing!”

Aaron Orozco

Inventor, Party Paper Squeaky Plush Dog Toy & Kong Rewards Dog Toy

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