Alvin Uy

Inventor of Soap Sox

SoapSox Invented by Alvin Uy
“As a designer and a creative person, I’ve always had great ideas. But I never thought to even consider developing these ideas into real products myself because I have always felt it was beyond my reach. That all changed when I met Stephen and his SpinLabel technology. After collaborating with him on a couple of Disney projects, he opened my eyes to possibilities I never thought was within my grasp. He as changed my trajectory and has been a huge inspiration, a supportive friend, and a great mentor ever since. Reading his books has changed my life and perspective. You can say, his “One Simple Idea” books have been like a bible to me… especially now. His books gave me the motivation I needed to explore beyond my boundaries.

I’ve recently developed a product called “SoapSox” that was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank Season 6. Stephen was, in fact, our “phone a friend” lifeline as my business partner and I swam with the Sharks during our pitch. From product development, sourcing, to structuring licensing deals, or even as a sounding board for creative ideas for SoapSox… He has been a guiding light every single step of the way. I can honestly say Stephen has been an instrumental “Key” to my success.

Thanks again for everything, Stephen! You’re the best!!”

Alvin Uy

Inventor, Soap Sox

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