Andrea Zabinski

Inventor of the Drop Down Drawer and Ventu Strainer Bowl

Drop Down Drawer Invented by Andrea Zabinski
Ventu Strainer Bowl Invented by Andrea Zabinski
“Stephen and Andrew, what can I say?? You guys have truly helped me in so many ways this year! You helped me navigate through my first license and the wealth of knowledge that you both brought have been instrumental! Thank you so much for being my mentors and coaches through everything! I can honestly say that with your help, I feel so much more educated and confident in my abilities to secure licensing contracts and that’s priceless!

Can I just say this? I AM BLESSED with those that I know that help others…some stay quiet about how they help others in life!! I want to recognize a few people that have been an inspiration to me! Stephen M Key, he helps inventors and what an amazing man! Andrew Krauss who believes in everyone that has a spark of an idea…we need these people in our lives…someone that has our back with our ideas…THANK YOU!!!”

Andrea Zabinski

Inventor, Drop Down Drawer and Ventu Strainer Bowl

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