Andrew Trebino

Inventor of Eyebloc, Nanobloc Webcam Covers

Handy Band Face Mask Invented by Andrew Trebino
“I read ‘One Simple Idea’ in the winter of last year and it is like Stephen answered every question I ever had about the process of inventing products. I was spending tons of money over the past several years on patents on a handful of products that I designed, but I always would run into the same roadblock: what do I do now?

After reading Stephens book I had an idea for a bracelet that converts to a face mask and wanted to try out Stephens methodology!

Stephen was nice enough to speak to me on the phone and discuss the situation and he suggested that I think about B2B sales and promotional companies (because they are doing high volume). After months of working on a licensing deal I finally got one with Logomark, Inc one of the biggest suppliers in the U.S.!

Thanks again Stephen, you guys are clearly helping tons of people and it is awesome!”

Andrew Trebino

Inventor, Eyebloc, Nanobloc Universal Webcam Covers

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