Angel Jordan

Swingin Shoes Invented by Otto D'Agnolo
“InventRight has been life-changing for me. They have helped me unleash my true potential and
have shown me how to bring my inventions to life.
I personally recommend getting a coach to help guide you through the licensing process.
Without one, you are walking through a cave, by yourself, with no flashlight. But with a coach,
they illuminate the way and have been through this cave many times before.
They will show you what spots to avoid, how to navigate through ‘gate keepers’, and tell you
what you should say in order to get interest from potential companies.
My coach Courtney Laschkewitsch was the difference between success and failure for me. With
the help and guidance I have received, my goals are no longer dreams but only a matter of time
before they are achieved.” – Angel J.
Angel Jordan


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