Angela Dayton

Inventor of FitWhisk

Fit Whisk Invented by Angela Dayton
“Everyone has ideas. Those ideas only become a reality when the right actions are taken. As a successful business woman, certified personal trainer, and fitness model, I had an idea on how to create a healthier fitness mixing bottle for nutritional supplements. However, I am not in the product manufacturing business and was lost for a period of time. I made a few very costly mistakes until I found InventRight. InventRight’s manual put me on the right path to success. After going through the InventRight training and talking with the InventRight coaches, I had a plan. I finally knew the steps I had to take to make the FitWHISK a successful product. Within one year, I was able to secure a licensing agreement with a great corporation. I encourage you to take full advantage of the amazing resources offered by the InventRight team.”
Angela Dayton

Inventor, FitWhisk

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