Arin & Les Williams

Inventors of Finger Food Placemat

Finger Food Placemat Invented by Arin and Les Williams
“Thanks to the help of the inventRight team, we’ve officially licensed our baby product idea to a MAJOR international baby company!! We decided to join inventRight’s 6-month bootcamp after reading Stephen Key’s book ‘One Simple Idea.’ Although the program was a financial sacrifice for our family, we don’t have any regrets…. It was worth every penny and has changed our lives forever because we’ve learned a skillset that we will continue to use over and over again! Our 6-year-old son is even helping us brainstorm ideas now! We had the privilege of working with 3 inventRight coaches (Arleta, Scott, & David). They helped us through the entire process from start to finish. Not only did they coach us through the 10 steps, they also helped us manage the emotional rollercoasters once we began getting interest from companies. We were Baby Finger Foods Placematso happy to have the IR team holding our hands through it all. David Fedewa helped us navigate the interesting negotiations with the company we ended up licensing our product with. With the help of the IR team we managed to come to an agreement that was suitable for everyone. During negotiations, we also called on Stephen Key and he was literally only one message away. We couldn’t believe how accessible he made himself to us. His willingness to help us was proof to us that he genuinely cares about the success of his students. We are forever grateful for his wisdom and eagerness to assist us through difficult negotiations! Words can’t begin to describe how thankful we are for the entire IR team especially Stephen and Andrew for their commitment to helping young aspiring product developers like ourselves make our dreams a reality. We happened to license our product 5 days before Christmas. We are definitely having a Happy Holiday season in our house!!! Thank you IR!!!!”
Arin & Les Williams

Inventor, Finger Food Placemat

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