Brian Halasinski & Kirk Hyust

Inventors of the Turbo Trusser

Turbo Trusser Invented by Brian Halasinski and Kirk Hyust
“I couldn’t let Kirk Hyust have all the fun signing licensing agreements. Deal # 2 is in the “books” — this time in the barbecue industry!!

We can’t wait to show everyone this product!! Griddle/Flat Top users are going to love it!!

Big thanks to Stephen Key, inventRight, and our coach Paul Sorenson for all the support and knowledge!!

If you want to be an inventor, grab a copy of Stephen’s first book “One Simple Idea” and his new book “Become a Professional Inventor.” Also look into inventRight. The knowledge, support, and services they offer are unmatched.

They can help you from start to finish with your idea.

They will teach you the skills you need to license product after product all on your own.

We can’t thank inventRight enough.

They provide the roadmap, and we get to do the driving!!!

So much fun!”

Brian Halasinksi & Kirk Hyust

Inventors, Chicken and Turkey Turbo Trusser

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