Chad Parks

Chad Parks
“One thing is certain…had I not come across some YouTube videos a few years back of Andrew and Stephen discussing how to get your ideas and products out in the marketplace, without costing a fortune of time and money, I’m fairly certain I’d still be in the workshop coming up with prototypes/fixes to problems, and they’d still be tucked away on a shelf or cabinet. Reading “One Simple Idea” was a mindset changing experience in how one transforms ideas into products, and gets them out there through licensing.

I was fortunate to have the amazingly astute inventRight Coach, April Mitchell during my journey. She ensured my course time and efforts on product development, as well as the necessary packaging of product “benefits to the consumer” were no-nonsense, and focused exactly on what the consumer needs to easily see, and how the product adds value and/or takes frustration from their lives. Hat’s off to her….and the students lucky enough to be guided with her instruction, methods and techniques!

If you’re an inventor on the fence thinking “I really don’t know where to start with this idea”….jump off, and give the folks at inventRight a call or drop them a line. Their entire team has been outstanding in helping wherever needed, and they are literally where the rubber meets the road on getting your product out there to the masses.”

Chad Parks


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