Christopher Lauinger

Swingin Shoes Invented by Otto D'Agnolo

“I’ve always been a creative person. But finding ways to bring designs and innovations into the world
by way of licensing wasn’t so intuitive for me. But thanks to the coaching from inventRight Academy,
I’ve been able to break through my shortcomings in the licensing business.

I achieved my first consumer product licensing deal soon after my 6 month Academy term ended.
And now I can take what I’ve learned and repeat the step-by-step processes on my own, while doing
it more efficiently.

inventRight Academy was a good fit for my situation.

The one-on-one coaching was the right amount of guidance for me to get my first product on the
correct path. The bi-weekly group coaching sessions offered plenty of time for questions and insight
to fill in the gaps as I launched the project.

The SmartIP program helped me make my Provisional Patent Application far better than I could have
done on my own. And the library of online info was a very useful resource.

I’d like to thank @Paul Sorenson for the constructive one-on-one coaching sessions. Also, I’d like to
thank coaches Paul Sorenson (again), @Terry O’Mara and @Andrew Krauss for the valuable group
bi-weekly meetings.” – Christopher L.

Christopher Lauinger


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