Cigdem Delano

Inventor of Unspill A Bowl, Pendant Saddle

Unspill a bowl Invented by Cigdem Delano
“It’s with much appreciation for my partner Cliff Johnston, President at Adrienne Designs, that I introduce my Pendant Saddle Chain™! When Cliff saw my idea, he was quick to recognize the innovation it would bring to the jewelry industry by solving the age-old problem of wandering necklace clasps.

Envisioning a new standard for pendant chains, he committed to work with me to bring it to market. Most women will likely relate to the frustration that motivated me to create this product. As much as I love beautiful pendants, I don’t like finding my necklace’s clasp in the front detracting from my pendant. I made a subtle change to the conventional chain to include a novel, discreet feature to make the pendant the counterweight. Once you “”saddle”” your pendant, the pendant stays centered and the clasp stays in the back. The feature is inconspicuous, doesn’t affect how the chain functions, and allows pendants to be interchanged.

It’s no exaggeration when I say I wouldn’t have accomplished this without the inventRight team and Stephen Key’s 10 steps to bring your idea to market. It’s his dynamic process that enabled me to successfully partner with Cliff. One of the jeweler clients I had the good fortune to work with is David Johnson, President at Honolulu Jewelry Company. Thanks to David, my product is now available on Amazon.”

Cigdem Delano

Inventor, Unspill A Bowl, Pendant Saddle

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