Courtney Laschkewitsch

Wombat Joey Chair Invented by Courtney Laschkewitsch
Trunk Pocket Invented by Courtney Laschkewitsch
Keyboard Desk Invented by Courtney Laschkewitsch
Possum Hangar Shoe Holder Ivented by Courtney Laschkewitsch

“When you first pitch a product to a company, you are using that product as the vessel to the start of a relationship. It’s up to us as inventors to decide what we want to do with it. As a serial inventor, coming up with products for companies I enjoy working with is at the brink of how I format that relationship. I let them know that I’m here to stay, and available for all of their wishlist needs. From the first product I licensed, the Keyboard Desk, along with 3 others back in 2019, to my two latest ones, ideation is at the core of my being. If I can create, solve a problem, and have a company recognize, agree, and choose to take the leap, a gamble, on my creativity, well then there just isn’t anything better than that. I cannot thank the inventRight Team enough for supporting inventors for over 21 years and throughout my journey. They care. And that shows in my relationships with my licensees. I care. And the companies see it.”

Courtney Laschkewitsch

Inventor, Coach

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