Curt & Rich

Inventor of Deck Down

Deck Down Invented by Curt and Rich
“In a world of great product ideas and a crowd of voices and opinions of how to get your ideas to market, getting solid answers, insights and honest help can be hard to come by. There’s no lack of frustration in deciding what and who to believe. Well BELIEVE THIS, Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss turn frustration into education, motivation, and deliver the genuine article through road-tested experience and the dedication to sharing it. Their infinite passion for products and the people who bring them to life shines through in everything they do, from the programs, to the publications, right down to the personal conversations, which they do often and openly. They get it, and more so, want others to get it too. For the dreamers becoming doers, it’s a priceless asset and without question, one that helps get it done! Using what we have learned we quickly licensed our first product to a manufacturer in California and it is now being marketed at Home Depot.

Stephen and Andrew, a million thanks, you make a difference to the delight of us all!”

Curt & Rich

Inventors, Deck Down

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