Dana Knowles

Inventor of the Hanging Shower Caddy

Hanging Shower Caddy Invented by Dana Knowles
“I’ve always been the creative type. I’d get so frustrated, feeling like everyone else is getting their own. Why not me? The problem was I had been trying so hard, but in all the wrong places. I was introduced to the inventRight program in the spring of 2017. LICENSING? What is that? I was shocked that the concept was so foreign to me. I was even a member of my local inventor group, but had barely heard of this licensing thing. How could that be? My eyes were opened to a whole new world for an inventor like me with so many ‘simple ideas.’ At first I listened to Stephen’s book ‘One Simple Idea.’ Everything he taught made sense. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Well I guess I was ready when inventRight appeared to me. I made a decision to work the inventRight program to the best of my ability and that meant action on my part. The collective knowledge of the inventRight team is amazing. There is so much experience and knowledge and all of it is right at my fingertips. I‘ve worked the 10 steps as outlined in the book and last week I signed my first licensing deal. Many things I did were very scary and uncomfortable for me. But I wanted what they had so I did what they did and it is paying off. If all goes well my product should be testing in retail stores in the beginning of 2019. I have learned how to get my product in front of the right people. Getting my product from an idea in my head to store shelf is knowledge no one can ever take away from me. That is what makes the inventRight program great. I am so happy that I made this life changing decision to become a part of the inventRight family.”
Dana Knowles

Inventor, Hanging Shower Caddy

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