Daniel Prigden

Swingin Shoes Invented by Otto D'Agnolo
“I have had ideas for products floating around in my head for years. After discussing them with a
friend, he recommended the book One Simple Idea. After reading the book, I was still nervous about
approaching companies on my own without any guidance.
I decided to enroll in the coaching program, so that I could gain feedback, and ensure that I was
following the correct steps to success.
After joining inventRight, Keanu Alfaro was assigned to be my coach. He helped walk me through the
steps for finding the right product idea, and provided guidance and encouragement where needed.
With the design studio, inventRight Connect, your coach, and the inventRight community, the
resources for success are ample.
If you have product ideas, and want to learn the skills needed to bring them to market, I encourage
you to try one of the inventRight programs.” – Daniel P.
Daniel Prigden


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