David Escalante

Swingin Shoes Invented by Otto D'Agnolo

“I’d say the biggest challenge I’ve faced so far was myself, to believe that I could do this and become
a successful inventor was one of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome. Luckily for me, I was able to
come across Stephen and Andrew’s inventRight.

For years I wanted to bring a product to market but just the thought of all what was needed was
overwhelming, I really just stopped myself. One day I decided to just take a look at what my options
were to bring some products to market, that is when I came across inventRight.

By watching the first 20+ videos and listening to Stephen and Andrew I really started to believe it was
and is possible for the average David with no experience to become a successful
inventor/entrepreneur. After that I read Stpehen’s book and continued to ingest all the free videos
and knowledge that inventRight kept putting out.

I was hooked and felt it was where I needed and wanted to be, Stephen and Andrew’s words and
wisdom are just so powerful; their strive to just help fellow inventors is contagious. The energy they
bring every time to us is just motivating and driving.

Anytime I was stuck or felt off, I just opened the latest inventRight video or message or live session
and all my answers were usually there. For them to just be them has been not only motivational to
me but also helped me overcome my biggest obstacle and that was just to believe in myself because
they did.

But I soon learned that was just one of many fun obstacles that comes with becoming an
inventor/entrepreneur but I now felt with the support of the inventRight community, I could do this.

inventRight opened the door to a world I thought almost impossible at first, the world that looked so
overwhelming and unattainable. Listening to different inventRight videos and webinars, listening to
many success stories of their struggles and licensed products that came from them made me feel
like I could do it if I followed these 10 steps.

That’s where the coaching came in to change my entire perspective on what I could do, to help me
really unlock my potential and further my knowledge in the industry. The coaches I’ve had really took
the time to understand me, understand where I could use some strengthening and encouraged me to
stay on the path even when it wasn’t too clear sometimes.

To have someone who wants me to succeed as much as I want to has been a life changer. To have
someone believe in me more than I do myself sometimes has changed my reality, not only in this
journey of licensing products but has resonated through my whole life.

The coaches at inventRight really do echo the founders words and dreams to see everyone
successful and it has been one of the biggest catalysts to my drive, to just feel the great energy and
knowledge from people who care and have a real interest in my success has been a game changer
along this journey. I honestly don’t know where I would be without the support of the community at

Just having someone to talk out my challenges and hear them, for them to take the time to see
where I am at and utilize their experience has really helped me put things into perspective from my
side, to have a coach/community who is knowledgeable in the industry that I want to be in has
changed the whole trajectory of my life. I thank you Keanu and inventRight.

To potential students/inventors;

I think I would share that first and foremost they found inventRight for a reason. I would encourage
them to really look inside themselves to see if they truly want to be an inventor and in this industry, if
the answer is at all YES; I would tell them to find people who are like minded, that enjoy this process
and its fruition as much as they are going to. I would tell them to take the gamble on themselves.

It is work to be an inventor/entrepreneur but with a community anything is possible. I would tell them
to jump in, be patient and enjoy the process because that’s what it is; A process to change their lives
and possibly people around them as it has mine. I would tell them to have fun , be creative and never
stop inventing.

I would like to thank you Keanu, I know I’ve said this before and I’ll probably say it a million more
times. Thank you for taking the time out of your life to teach and share knowledge with me and your
other students, thank you for believing in me when I was not believing in myself, thank you for taking
the time to learn where I needed strengthening and taking the time to help me grow.

It has been an amazing experience and journey here with you, I am very grateful for not only
inventRight but you also. I do appreciate all the time and effort you put into me and my learning and I
promise to pay it forward one day. I appreciate you Keanu.” – David E.

David Escalante


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