Dawn Scheurle

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“I stumbled on inventRight as I slogged through trying to find a way to bring my product to market. I looked into venturing but ultimately decided there was no way I was willing to take that risk. Then I discovered licensing. I read articles online, watched YouTube videos, researched different inventor help companies, you name it. I found ‘One Simple Idea,’ read it, & started pitching to companies. I got some interest, freaked out, signed up for iR for the negotiation help, & it ended up falling through before one word was written.

When I signed up, I was just thinking about this one product, but realized I had a lot more in me. I started working on another project with my coach (yay Arleta!) & going through the steps. On a whim, I reached back out to a company I had all but written off, & they were still interested. Fast forward 6 months — we FINALLY signed a deal!

I couldn’t have done it without the coaching & teachings of iR. I would’ve given up. The stories of fellow students’ successes on iRTV helped me stay focused on what was possible.

Thank you Stephen, Andrew, Arleta, & Paul! I’m excited about my signed agreement but am equally if not more excited about my future products!”

Dawn Scheurle


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