Dell H.

Inventor of Erg5 Tools

Erg5 Tools Invented by Dell H.
“It was 4 long years of working in my garage, from making the first heavy steel prototype — which weighed 40 pounds! — to finding an engineer/designer to make the CAD and a professional prototype manufactured in China, then obtaining a U.S. Utility Patent, a U.S. Design Patent, an International Patent (Canada), and a recently filed U.S. Trademark.
With inventRight’s help, mainly Scott Putnam guiding me through the creation of my marketing materials and contacting 32 manufacturers, I received replies from three mildly interested companies, and one very interested company which aggressively wanted my product.
With David Fedewa’s help assisting every step for the negotiation, we just completed our agreement and signed and closed the deal!
Dell H.

Inventor, Erg5 Tools

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