Dennis Van Vleet

Inventor of Bucket Bowl

Bucket Bowl Invented by Dennis Van Vleet
“In writing this testimonial I realized just how true it is and happy I am with inventRight. The only problem is, it still sounds too good to be true!

Since I was little, I dreamed of becoming an inventor. After many years and many thousands of dollars doing it the wrong way I discovered Stephen Key and his inventRight course. At first it seemed too good to be true, but during our initial phone conversation Stephen gave me irrefutably sound advice. I decided to purchase the course and I’m so glad that I did. Within two months of purchasing the inventRight program I signed my first licensing agreement on an invention that I’ve struggled with for years. True to his word, Stephen was there every step of the way, even when I was about to settle for an unacceptable deal. Stephen guided me to be in control, to seek the right deal for my invention, and to realize my dream of becoming a successful inventor.”

Dennis Van Vleet

Inventor, Bucket Bowl

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