Dixie Daly

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“Inspiration transformed into action! This is the result inventRight delivered for my product ideas. This amazing company helped transform my dreams and product concepts into a viable business. In less than a year, after taking the inventRight course, I have productized and Trade marked over 25 items. I am now talking with Target, QVC, Walgreen’s and contacting Victoria Secret & Mary Kay Cosmetics to distribute my merchandise. InventRight provided me with both the knowledge and confidence to approach these large corporate distribution channels. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to call these companies. Knowing the right answers to their questions was key, and inventRight had me completely prepared.

I would like to thank Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss for their excellent advice and counsel. They always made themselves available for questions, and their timely response to emails was extraordinary. InventRight’s “tele-seminars” broadened my knowledge and continued to drive me toward success. Working with Stephen and Andrew, I felt cared for, motivated, and most of all, educated. I enthusiastically recommend inventRight to help anyone convert their dream idea into reality. Victory!”

Dixie Daly


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