Dr. Cetta & Dr. Kaye

Precision Aligner Buttons Invented by Christopher Cetta
“As two orthodontists, we realized the products currently available for correcting bites with Invisalign and other teeth-straightening aligner systems were simply not good enough. Together we created an improved solution that reduces unnecessary emergency visits while also addressing patient comfort and oral hygiene.

After devising our concept, we read Stephen’s fantastic book One Simple Idea. We then turned to inventRight for clear, actionable steps that took us from idea inception to product reality.

Our coach Terry was always there for us, guiding us throughout our journey. Along the way, we picked up contract advice from David, legal counsel from their associated attorney Noah, and even assistance on patents from Stephen himself. We simply could not have done it without the entire inventRight team!

We hope our invention will soon be bringing smiles to patients and their treating orthodontists throughout the world. In the meantime, we will be moving forward with our next project with inventRight!”

Dr. Cetta and Dr. Kaye


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