Dwight D.

Inventor of Tone Pros

Tone Pros Invented by Dwight D.
“Now sold around the world. Your guitar will not come apart when the strings are taken off and it will sound and sustain like never before!

It is without reservation that I can recommend Stephen Key and the inventRight program to you. Stephen Key counseled us on our ideas, his guidance allowed our company to go from “coffee table idea” to “worldwide brand” with distribution on 5 Continents and over 50 countries around the world in just 5 years. Currently my products have led to sales revenues in excess of “7 Figures” per year, and I have continued to grow. Stephen, we wish you all the best and continued success in the future…the truth is we could not have done this without you, thanks again!”

Dwight D

Inventor, Tone Pros

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