Eric H.

Inventor of Magnetic Wooden Table Skirt

Magnet Skirt Invented by Eric H

“I wanted to drop a note to thank the inventRight Academy team for helping me get a license deal!

I invented a way to quickly attach a skirting board underneath dining table leaves using magnets. The Magnetskirt invention allows a dining table to have a finished look while in use, and self-store the leaves inside the table when not in use.

I started out watching inventRight TV videos on YouTube, then found myself on your website. Soon I was signed up and working through the step-by-step program. It only took a few months to complete and file the paperwork with the USPTO.

I mailed out the one page flyer, just like they said, and a few weeks later I had closed two licensing deals. More are in the works as we speak.

I plan to follow the same steps with two more concepts I have in the works right now. Thanks again for a great program.”

Eric H.

Inventor, Magnetic Wooden Table Skirt

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