Eric Van Dalen

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“Hi, my name is Eric. I live in Dingweeds, Montana. Well actually it’s called Dillon but it’s so remote we barely have cable Internet. I run a mom & pop cleaning business but was looking for a business that I could do exclusively from home. I came across inventRight and signed up.

Having a coach is a big boost because I’m a people pleaser and I, therefore, work to make David Fedewa happy. I would listen to the webinars at work and jot down questions for our weekly Skype calls.

Just when I think I’d have things figured out from all the webinar content David would add valuable input.

Anyhow, I licensed my first product recently. It took a bit of perseverance and tenacity but we got it done. The company states in practically every email how excited they are to introduce this product to the market so we are excited too.

Thank you David and the inventRight team!!”

Eric Van Dalen


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