Francis F.

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“I have always wanted to invent something, ever since I was a child. inventRight helped me navigate the complicated world of getting my product into the market and how to do it through licensing. I am an introvert and talking to people – especially strangers — is not my strong suit, but breaking the whole process into steps made it easier.

My luck turned around when I tried using LinkedIn. I was able to connect with the right people from sales who knew who handles outside idea submissions and the rest is history.

The process from initial interest to signing took about three months. I used the inventRight negotiation scripts and it worked! I got the royalty I am comfortable with. It didn’t end there though.

When the licensing agreement was drafted and presented to me, there were still things that didn’t sit right, so I registered with inventRight again. Coach Paul helped me navigate through it. It took another month of back and forth negotiations until we had mutual agreement.

I know it is still a long process, as they are still doing their part doing feasibility studies, patenting, and regulatory hoops. As of now, I am waiting for the licensing fee check to arrive. It is the start of my product development career and it probably wouldn’t have happened without inventRight.”

Francis F.


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