Garth Patchen

Inventor of the Novelty Back Scratcher

Back Scratcher Invented by Garth Patchen
“It’s a GREAT TEAM that inventRight puts on the field. Ryan Diez, your coaching has kept me straight to the tasks at hand. Now I’ve got a deal in hand. Soon, we’ll shoot for the second.

Being honest, my journey to my first victory has taken quite a bit more time than I anticipated. BUT, I now have a ‘relationship’ with my licensor as a ‘pipeline’ for introducing more products. And, I have two on the shelf I am holding just for him.

That’s the part about this game that makes it worth it. Even if it takes awhile, relationships get built, and things can and will move more quickly once you’re on the board.

I can’t say enough about my coach’s professionalism, savvy, straight shooting, and the valuable friendship we now share! Thank you so very much for your tremendous input along my personal journey!”

Garth Patchen

Inventor, Novelty Back Scratcher

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