Gene L.

Inventor of ZipIt

ZipIt Invented Gene L.
“I have attended one of Stephen Key’s seminars and purchased the inventRight course that covers the “10 Steps To Invention Success” I will tell you it was the BEST MONEY SPENT. I have been designing and inventing for years, and I am always learning. Listening to Stephen was just confirming what I have been doing for years…Keep the process simple. The “10 Steps To Invention Success” is a MUST read. The process is broken down into Steps that makes it simple to follow and gives you a roadmap to Success. While I was listening to Stephen and his Process…I just kept nodding my head “YES” “YES” “YES”. I have followed these Basic Steps for years in my own Product Developing and Inventing process, but Stephen puts it into a very Easy To Follow Process. Product Developing, Inventing, Patenting, and Licensing, has been my life, and I have made $Millions …YOU CAN TOO!!!”
Gene L.

Inventor, ZipIt

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