Haley W

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“I can’t thank the InventRight team enough for guiding me down this path! I started out my “inventing” career in 2014 when I filed for my first two patents, not knowing what else to do other than to run and protect my idea. It wasn’t until I moved to San Antonio and joined the Alamo Inventor’s Club that I discovered the name Stephen Key. Once both of my patents were issued in 2016, a fellow inventor recommended that I read One Simple Idea before deciding to pursue any sort of manufacturing and venturing of my product. I quickly fell in love with the idea of licensing and after hearing Stephen speak during one of of our meetings, it became my goal to license my first product. I joined the InventRight program in 2016 and although I’m still in the works of trying to license my first patented product, I filed for a PPA for my second product in August 2017, had my first offer by December that same year, and a signed contract by March the following year. I already have several more products in the pipeline that I can’t wait to possibly license. The InventRight program really does teach you the skills necessary to go out and do it on your own and your success is their success. Thank you for everything and I’m an IR supporter for life! And Stephen will remain at the top of my speed dial… :)”

Haley W


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