Jennifer DePace

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“Like many other inventRight students, I had no idea this wonderful world of licensing existed until recently, & if I ever dreamed it existed, I assumed it was only for ‘real’ designers/engineers, or ‘true’ inventors with highly complicated, patented, technologically advanced products or world-changing, impossible-to-understand chemical formulas, & not for someone like me with no design/engineering background & nothing complex to offer.

I had initially planned to bring this product to market myself because I didn’t know any other way existed until reading ‘One Simple Idea,’ which blew me away & helped me change course to focus on licensing.

If it weren’t for the wonderful team at iR, I wouldn’t have licensed this product. Paul, I am very grateful you walked me patiently through the process, especially negotiations, & shared endless pearls of wisdom I’ll take with me.

To anyone out there with ideas who are second-guessing themselves: You Can Do This. Read the books, listen to the podcasts, watch the videos, & join iR for top-notch coaching. You won’t regret it.

If you have an idea, iR, and some grit, you’ll get there!”

Jennifer DePace


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