Jeromy M.

Inventor of Tunnel Tamer

Tunnel Tamer Invented by Jeromy M.

“I have been an inventRight student for a long time, listening, learning, and loving the process. I am giant nerd so anything I do I try to overthink everything. I’m a chiropractor who loves what he does, so it was never in my mind to actually start another company and take me away from what I love. The biggest roadblock was struggling with the time commitment to call companies consistently. I realized I just had to make it work. I dedicated time in one day — literally one hour and a half — to reach out to companies. My responses have been tremendous. My first licensed product is called the Tunnel Tamer! It is a wrist brace that aids you in maintaining the proper tunnels — one you will actually wear versus all the clunky braces on the market! In the photo, I’m standing with a friend who bought it before she knew it was mine! I have been a follower/student back when Stephen and Andrew used to send out CDs. inventRight, you inspire me!”

Jeromy M.

Inventor, Tunnel Tamer

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